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Car hire and rental services Kenya for 22,25,-27,34 and 45 Seater Bus Hire .Kenya and Tanzania Transport by Tourist Buses for Private and Grroup hire and rental shuttle services from Nairobi Arusha Moshi Marangu .Ideal for group transport in Nairobi and Kenya especially for Airport transfers,seminars,conferences,and group travel Shuttle bus Hire Nairobi Kenya East Africa Kenya and Tanzania

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Mashariki huttles & Car Hire.
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Welcome!! Kenya Tanzania Bus Hire and rental Company
Mashariki Shuttles offering bus transport within Kenya and Tanzania.We offer Private tours,Transport ,Pick and drop fromNairobi airports JKIA and Wilson airports to Drop off points from city hotels,airports,Kenya Towns and Nairobi Arusha Moshi Karatu and Marangu
Nairobi Transport 22 seater Bus
5-7 seater Van
Nairobi Airport City hotels 100$ 80$
Nairobi Airport Wilson Airport 100$ 80$
Nairobi Daily Rate Bus Hire 250$ 170$
We offer private Transport for Group travel within Kenya .From school group travel,Missionaries,Trekkers to Mt Kenya and Mt kilimanjaro,Conference transport both Kenya and Tanzania,Group transport airport Transfers,Group day tours and excursions with reliable and regulated buses ,Licensed and well maintained

We Have private Transfers from Nairobi to Arusha ,Karatu Moshi and Marangu as follows
Kenya - Tanzania 22 seater Bus 7 seater Van
Nairobi Arusha 350$ 300$
Nairobi Karatu 450$ 400$
Nairobi Moshi 450$ 400$
Nairobi Marangu 500$ 450$

We are a leading shuttle services company, providing door-to-door ground transportation to all areas in East Africa . Our friendly drivers, comfortable,
vehicles and reasonable rates take the hassle out of getting to and from the airport!
Book your door-to-door reservation by phone or online today.

Nairobi Airport -Arusha - Moshi- Kilimanjaro Shuttle Bus
Departure Time
Arrival Time
Price in (US$)
Nariobi 08.00hrs Arusha 13.00hrs
Nairobi 08.00hrs Moshi 17.30hrs
Nairobi 14.00hrs Arusha 18.30hrs
Arusha 08.00hrs Nairobi 13.30hrs
Arusha 14.00hrs Nairobi 18.30hrs
Moshi 06.00hrs Nairobi 13.30hrs
Private Transfers from Kilimanjaro Airport to Moshi or Arusha
On Request

Mashariki shuttle bus company has the following buses you can hire

18 seater Bus - 18 seats Comfortable seating with 7 Jumper seats

22 seater Bus - 22 seats Comfortable seating with 5 Jumper seats

34 Seater Bus - All Comfortable seating

44 seater Bus - All Comfortable seating

All prices inclusive of fuel,drivers allowance and unlimited Milleag,border or airport fees.Price Exclusive of Any Entrance charges for the bus and the driver.

   Group Travel Transport

18,22,33 and 44 seater bus for hire - Nairobi Car Hire and Bus Services
Book a tourist bus shuttle to travel around Kenya-book your kenya transport.
School Transport Hire for 15,000 KESH per day all Inclusive

East Africa Shuttles and Bus Hire Company Transport Kenya and Tanzania

    Private Bus hire in Kenya

For Your Group travel transfers in NAirobi,Private hire,conference or seminars,Educational Kenya safaris,conference,Seminars in Kenya,Missionary Travel in Kenya to Kisumu,Nakuru,Kakamega,Migori,Nyanza,Nyeri
Marangu,Karatu,JKIA,Wilson airport,uganda,
Kampala,Kigali Rwanda etc


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